Special Feature

* Video Material -- A Potential Cultural Resource --
* Treating Video Material as "Historical Materials"
(Kosuke Harayama)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
3,800 dry glass plates that became picture postcards
(Takehiko Higuchi)

Special Feature:Video Material -- A Potential Cultural Resource --

Construction of "the people" through movies (Atsuko Kato)
Handling video material (Toshiaki Sawahata)
Turning news reels into archival materials (Koji Hamasaki)
Worldwide video archives today and challenges (Manabu Ehara)


Archives and the right to interpret video material (Junko Uchida)
One challenge facing research on the history of Japanese animation (Tomoya Kimura)

The 31th Rekihaku Update

Collaborative Research
"Basic Research" "Investigating Methods for the Functional Utilization of Information Resources in Museums and Research Concerning its Application"
(Kimiyoshi Miyata)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 35

The study of modern history for thinking about today's world (Kosuke Harayama)

Construction of Gallery 3 -- A new general exhibit

Highlights of the new Early Modern period exhibit (Kosuke Harayama)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition "The Relocation of Japan's Capital to Nagaoka -- Emperor Kanmu and the Age of Upheaval" Reviewed by Masahiro Nishimoto

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