Special Feature

* Goddesses -- Interaction with Spirits by the Physical Body and Society
* Unstable Communities and Lay Believers
(Koichi Matsuo)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Monobe masks and the Izanagi-ryu
(Koichi Matsuo)

Special Feature:Goddesses -- Interaction with Spirits by the Physical Body and Society

Miko prayers and rites of the Tohoku region (Yoriko Kanda)
Hearing the voices of deities in kagura -- The prototype of miko kagura at Kasuga-Taisha shrine (Wakako Matsumura)
Beyond trances -- Interaction and conflict with neeshi goddesses of the Tokara Islands living in urban centers (Fumito Kawasaki)
Women at prayer, speaking to deities -- The tsukasa in Kabira, Ishigaki Island (Mayo Sawai)


Shrine maidens in Nanyo, Ehime Prefecture -- The asahi shrine maidens of Ibuki Hachiman shrine (Miwa Ochi)
The power of prayer and gratitude -- The noro of Amami-Oshima (Teruko Nishida)

The 30th Rekihaku Update

Collaborative Research
"Comparative Historical Research on Nation States"
(Cho Kyeungdal)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 34

Exploring the formation of ancient Emishi culture (Gihei Abe)

Construction of Gallery 6 -- A new general exhibit

"Contemporary exhibits" and historical thought (Tsuneo Yasuda)

Book Review

"Folklore on gestures -- The magical world and mind" by Toru Tsunemitsu
Reviewed by Hideo Hanabe

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