No.144 September 20/2007


Special Feature

* Do Computers Dream of Archaeology?
* From qualitative to quantitative, from instinct to proof
(Takuzi Suzuki)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
The raw materials and manufacturing techniques of the Twelve Imperial Coins
(Tsutomu Saito)

Special Feature:Do Computers Dream of Archaeology?

Truth underground and romance on the ground -- Computer-led 21st century archaeology (Akifumi Oikawa)
Thinking of numbers in archaeology -- My computer archaeology (Kazumasa Ozawa)
Closing in on the mystery of kofun using statistical analysis and quantity analysis (ka Hojou)
Using computers to think about culture and history (Hiroomi Tsumura)


Numbers and interpretations (Minoru Sakamoto)
Modeling archaeological site data and its standardization (Yoshiaki Murao)

An Invitation to History

Special exhibition: The Relocation of Japan's Capital to Nagaoka -- Emperor Kammu and the Age of Upheaval -- (Atsushi Nito)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 32

Research on "Pirates and Guns" (Takehisa Udagawa)

Construction of Gallery 4 -- A new general exhibit

Looking for a new exhibit on folk customs (Gallery 4 Renewal Committee)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition
"When did the Yayoi period begin?! -- frontier of dating research"
Reviewed by Kozo Akiyama

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