No.143 July 20/2007


Special Feature

* Dating the Jomon Period
* When did the Yayoi period begin? When did the Jomon period end?
(Ken'ichi Kobayashi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
The dating of lacquer samples
(Tsutomu Saito)

Special Feature:Dating the Jomon Period

From the Paleolithic period to the Jomon period, from the Pleistocene epoch to the Holocene epoch -- The perspective of ecological systems (Yuichiro Kudo)
Periods within the Jomon period (Hirohito Hayasaka)
Jomon dating using the carbon 14 method (Ken'ichi Kobayashi)
From the Jomon period to the Yayoi period (Naoto Yamamoto)


A house fire and its aftermath (Shuzou Muramoto)
Dating the oldest millet in western Japan (Yoshiki Miyata)

An Invitation to History

Special exhibition: When did the Yayoi period begin!? (Shin'ichiro Fujio)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 31

Natural science and archaeology (Mineo Imamura)

Construction of Gallery 3 -- A new general exhibit

Journeys of the common people (Mitsumasa Yamamoto)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition
Western Capital, Eastern Capital -- Illustrated Cities of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
Reviewed by Hitoshi Iwasaki

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