No.142 May 30/2007


Special Feature

* Bathhouses
* How did the bathhouse become a part of everyday life following its separation from temples?
(Kazuki Takahashi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Bathhouses in the Early Modern period
(Mitsumasa Yamamoto)

Special Feature:Bathhouses

Changes in bathhouses in the Ancient and Medieval periods viewed from an archaeological perspective (Yasuhiro Umemoto)
Rituals and arts of the bathhouse (Koichi Matsuo)
Urban residential space of the Early Modern period and the bathhouse (Masaki Fujikawa)
The bathhouse and the formation of communities -- From the perspective of bathhouses owned by migrants to urban centers in the post-war period (Toshiro Yuasa)


The bath as a symbol of wealth (Mioko Uchida)
The Hammam bathhouse of the Muslim world (Kazuaki Sawai)

The 28th Rekihaku Update

Basic Collaborative Research
"General Research in the 20th Century"
(Tsuneo Yasuda)

Introducing Our Researchers -- Part 30

From fossils to haniwa and copper plates (Hideji Harunari)

Construction of Gallery 6 -- A new general exhibit

Research on modern history and plans for exhibits in Gallery 6 (Kosuke Harayama)

Book Review

Shinsaku Sugiyama "Haniwa in Eastern Japan and Society in the Late Kofun Period"
Reviewed by Shin Hidaka

Rekihaku Chat (readers' page) May 30, 2007

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