Special Feature

* Rice Paddy Culture in East Asia
* Posing the problem of "rice paddy culture"
(Satoru Yasumuro)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
The other side of the movie camera
(Junko Uchida)

Special Feature:Rice Paddy Culture in East Asia

Rice paddy culture as seen from the pharyngeal teeth of the carp genus (Tsuneo Nakajima)
Rice paddies against a backdrop of firefly inhabitants (Nobuyoshi Oba)
Rice paddies as a "food basket"
- Multiple use of the rice paddy environment by the Li tribe on China's Hainan Island
(Hong-Wei Jiang)
Changes in transplantation methods and weeding methods in rice cultivation in South Korea (Bae Young-Dong)


Issues surrounding wet rice cultivation in the Yayoi period (Shin'ichiro Fujio)
Rice fields and vegetable fields in medieval Japan (Tokuro Takagi)

An Invitation to History - Special Exhibition

"Western Capital, Eastern Capital - Illustrated Cities of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period" (Jun'ichi Okubo)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 29

Traditions that Remain Alive in Everyday Life (Toru Tsunemitsu)

Museum displays today - Part 12:

Urayasu Folk Museum
Aiming for an interactive museum that supports community development
(Yoshikazu Shimamura)

Exhibition Review

Special Program: "The Introduction of Guns in Japanese History - From Tanegashima to the Boshin War"
Reviewed by Kazuyoshi Suzuki

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