No.140 November 30/2007


Special Feature

* A History of Study of Computer History
* "Quietly and Steadily"
(Takuji Suzuki)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
The History of Counting
(Kosuke Harayama)

Special Feature:A History of Study of Computer History

Computer networks and historical research - the past and future (Satoshi Tarashima)
My digitization strategy
Two decades working with computers at the Historiographical Institute
(Yoshinori Yokoyama)
Venturing into education on information history (Shigeki Moro)


The story of struggling with computers at Rekihaku (Takehiko Terui)
The challenge of creating a genuine "digital"archive
-from the site of the digitization of resource catalogues
(Haruyoshi Gotoh)

Updating the Museum's main exhibits - Part 2

Part Two - The Age of the City (Reiji Iwabuchi)

The 27th Rekihaku Update

Basic Collaborative Research
"Livelihoods, Technology and Supernatural Beliefs in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods"
(Kesao Ihara)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 28

Exploring the history of maps and landscapes (Hiroo Aoyama)

Museum displays today - Part 11:

Showa Living History Museum
Preserving the house, teaching about daily life and fostering a philosophy
(Mari Kezuka)

Book Review

Michihiro Kojima "Cities and Regions During the Sengoku Period and the Period of Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi"
Reviewed by Takayuki Usami

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