Special Feature

* Around the time of the first earthenware
* Exploring the Beginning of the Jomon period
(Ken'ichi Kobayashi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Do they portray females only? - Stone figurines from Kamikuroiwa
Earthenware and stoneware from Kamikuroiwa - From the findings of collaborative research
(Hideji Harunari)
(Ken'ichi Kobayashi)

Special Feature:Around the time of the first earthenware

Exploring the origins of Jomon earthenware
- The location of the Kamikuroiwa site in Western Japan
(Shin Onbe)
The Jomon period as seen from the perspective of stoneware (Shun'ichi Watanuki)
The use of animals by Incipient Jomon man
- As seen from animal remains excavated from the Kamikuroiwa caves
(Tomoko Anezaki)
The natural environment of the "time of the first earthenware" viewed from the topography and geology of the Kamikuroiwa Site (Makio Hashimoto)


Remains left in earthenware (Tsuyoshi Ushino)
The children of Kamikuroiwa (Kenji Okazaki)

The 26th Rekihaku Update

Collaborative research "Study of the Kamikuroiwa Site in Ehime Prefecture" (Hideji Harunari)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 27

Making Silent Archaeological Materials Talk (Masatoshi Ono)

Museum displays today - Part 10:

The Kamikuroiwa Site Archaeology Museum and the Museum of Ehime History and Culture
Finding exhibition themes corresponding to the characteristics of the local community
(Isao Hyodo)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition "The Sakura Regiments and the Age of War" Reviewed by Shoji Arakawa

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