Special Feature

* Funeral Rites and Food
* Is the next world a bubble?
(Masaru Nishitani)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Sending the dead to a burial mound
(Shinsaku Sugiyama)

Special Feature:Funeral Rites and Food

Funeral rites and offerings on the island of Bali, Indonesia (Haruya Kagami)
Dumplings instead of flowers - Funeral rites and offerings on Sado Island (Shinya Yamada)
Tribes that enjoy funerals - the Li tribe of Hainan Island and the Tai tribe of Yunnan (Masaru Nishitani)


Funerals and food and drink in the Kofun period (Atsushi Nito)
"Oban burumai" (Jiro Muraki)

Updating the Museum's main exhibits - Part 1

How will Gallery Three change? (Hiroshi Kurushima)

An Invitation to History - Special Exhibition

The Introduction of Guns in Japanese History - From Tanegashima to the Boshin War (Takehisa Udagawa)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 26

Constantly on the move - The delights of museum information science (Takuji Suzuki)

Museum displays today - Part 9:

National Showa Memorial Museum
Educating people about the way the Japanese lived during and after the war
(Kazuhiro Watanabe)

Book Introductions by the Authors

"The Frontline of Historical Research Vol. 4: New Developments in Excavated Written Materials
Edited by Masaharu Nagashima
"The Frontline of Historical Research Vol. 5: Between History and Literature"
Edited by Atsushi Nito

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