Special Feature

* Loving Someone of the Same Gender - Living in the Present
* First, let's start with what we know
(Kazuto Sawada)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Furisode and teenage boys
(Kazuto Sawada)

Special Feature:Loving Someone of the Same Gender - Living in the Present

The past and present of homosexuality (Keiichiro Ishimaru)
The "disappearance" and "appearance" of homosexuals at school (Daisuke Watanabe)
Marrying a gay man (Kazuya Ogino)
Growing old as a gay man - An experiment with an honest and noble way of living (Yasutsugu Ogura)


The real meaning of being "gay" (Ryuko Jinna)
Gay parades - an opportunity to be a community (Hideki Sunagawa)

Rekihaku Research Update - No. 25

Collaborative research
"Production, Authority, and Ideology in Ancient Japan"
(Kazuo Hirose)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 25

The topknot and military uniform (Takehiko Higuchi)

Museum displays today - Part 8

Osaka Human Rights Museum
Questioning ourselves, confronting discrimination and human rights
(Takeshi Ishibashi)

Exhibition Review

Special program: "Japanese Deities and Festivals - What are Shinto Shrines?" (Eiichi Miyashiro)

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