Special Feature

* The World of Inland Seas
* Establishing the world of inland seas, mainly lagoons, as a field of interdisciplinary research
(Kazuki Takahashi)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Exploring the lost world of inland seas through historical materials
(Kazuki Takahashi)

Special Feature:The World of Inland Seas

Jomon people living on alluvial lowlands -
The case of the Aota archeological site in Niigata Prefecture
(Takashi Arakawa)
The world of inland seas in Kanto during the middle ages (Tetsuo Suzuki)
The Hachiro Lagoon as "home waters" -
arning a livelihood during the Early Modern and Modern periods and effects on the ecosystem
(Shizuyo Sano)
Seawater and rice paddies (Satoru Daimon)


Hangiridashi fishing of Kagoshima - Its connection with the development of new agricultural fields through the reclamation of lagoons during the middle of the 19th century (Osamu Hashimura)
Lagoons, folk techniques, and wise use (Satoru Yasumuro)

An Invitation to History:Special Exhibition

On the "Sakura Regiments and the Age of War" exhibition (Toshiya Ichinose)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 24

History crafted by objects (Kaori Hidaka)

Museum displays today - Part 7

Shinminato Museum in Imizu City - Forming a partnership with a roadside rest area to maximize its location (Mitsuhiro Matsuyama)

Book Review

"Studies on Rice Paddy Fishing - The Theory of a Mixed Livelihood from Rice Cultivation and Fishing" by Satoru Yasumuro (Reviewed by Shingo Odani)

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