No.134 January 30.2006

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Scenes of Namibia, Africa





It is through the form of photographs that we attempt to capture single moments in time and space. Photos are not merely records of their subjects, for they hold all sorts of memories. Each person who views a photo has a different perception of the subject and the memories inherent within, leading to the continual creation of new memories. The photos on this cover of Rekihaku Magazine are all scenes of the African country of Namibia taken between 1994 and 1998.

A: Kaokoland - the sun shines briefly through the clouds during the rainy season
B: Namib Desert
C: A shipwreck thrown upon a sandy shore slowly perishes
D: This slow-growing plant found in the desert is called the Welwitschia. It can reach an age of more than a thousand years.

Satoko Yoshimura
(Research Department, National Museum of Japanese History)


Special Feature

* Memories and Records
* Correlating "Memories" and "Records" - An attempt at recapturing memories and records as a macrocosm of representation
(Satoko Yoshimura)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Geographical information in Ryusen's maps of Japan
(Hiro'o Aoyama)

Special Feature:Memories and Records

Recalling "memories" from "records" - the use of satellite images in anthropology (Masahiro Umezaki)
Memories and records in historical studies (Naoki Haruta)
The power of transmission - the transformation of language and behavior into words and images (Satoko Yoshimura)
Reconstruction and representation in photographs (Kimiyoshi Miyata)


Historical exploration from the sky (Masahiro Mikawa)

An Invitation to History

"Japanese Deities and Festivals - What are Shinto Shrines?" (Takanori Shintani and Takeharu Yamada)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 22

Archaeology and Me (Shin-ichiro Fujio)

Museum displays today - Part 5: Kyushu National Museum

Welcome to the "Ajippa" Hands-On Education Center (Yoshihiro Miki)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: "Wetland and Jomon People - Archaeology in the Wetlands" Working out the techniques and skills of Jomon people (Reviewed by Yoshihiro Shimizu)

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