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Kanayama picture scroll of the Kake Sumiya
in the Geishu domain owned by the Kake family dating from the latter part of the Edo period.
(Reproduction from the Museum's collection. The original is in the collection of Mr. Masahiro Kake.)

This scroll depicts an iron manufacture at the end of the Early Modern period. The scene portrayed in this cover graphic can be described as the climax of the iron making process.

The " tatara-buki" process, where iron sand and charcoal are placed in a furnace and bellows used for smelting steel, has already been completed and red-hot lumps of steel called " kera" are pulled out altogether. These " kera" are thrown into the pool of water in the foreground to cool down, after which they are crushed to extract the necessary portions. With its detailed depiction such as transportation of charcoal, and several types of tools that were used, the scroll is a valuable historical material also for what it tells us of the " tatara-buki" process. It also portrays most vividly the actions and gestures of the people engaged in the manufacture of steel.

(Minoru Sakamoto, Museum Research Department)


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Special Feature:Steel

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