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Scroll depicting a funeral procession for Koudou-koji (Museum Collection)
Pictures, portraits and photographs commemorating the dead
(Chosen-ji Temple, Miyamori-mura, Iwate Prefecture)

People try to remember the dead through various means. It is also a process of naturalizing various individual memories.
(1) shows pictures, portraits and photographs commemorating the dead that hang on the walls of the outer chamber of a family temple.
(2) is a scroll depicting a funeral procession in Tokyo during the Meiji period (Museum collection). The procession is walking in the direction of the end of the scroll.

(1) (2)
(1) (2)

(Shinya Yamada, Museum Research Department)


Special Feature:Memories of the Dead

* Diversity and historical development of "Memories of the Dead" (Shinya Yamada)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
"Photo Album of the Funeral of Teru Araki"
(Shinya Yamada)

Special Feature:Memories of the Dead

From oblivion to memory - Commemorating the names of the dead (Michiya Iwamoto)
Ceremonies for worshipping the souls of the dead from the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate (Satoru Kishimoto )
Where was the other world during the Kofun period? - Memories of the dead represented by decorated tombs (Kazuo Hirose)
Who are the dead? - Memories and representations (Motomitsu Uchibori)


The incongruity of "Earthquake Victims" (Takeshi Sori)
Making good memories - From the perspective of the work of funeral directors (Daisuke Tanaka)

An Invitation to History

47th Rekihaku Forum "Flowers that Crossed the Seas 2004 - The History of People and Flora in Japan" (Sei-ichiro Tsuji)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 13

Self-introduction of an image engineer working at the Museum (Kimiyoshi Miyata)

Book Review

Kazuki Takahashi's "The Shoen System of the Middle Ages and the Kamakura Shogunate"
Reviewed by Yasunori Koyama

Book Introductions by the Authors

"What are Historical Exhibitions? Rekihaku Forum - the Present and Future of History Museums"
edited by the National Museum of Japanese History
"The Frontline of Historical Research Vol. 1: The Wavering Common Sense of Archaeologists
- The Problem of Fake Early and Middle Period Stoneware and the Beginning of the Yayoi Period"
edited by Hiromi Shitara

Exhibition Review

Exhibition Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Opening of the Museum
"Popular Culture and Invented Heroes: A History of Outlaws at the End of the Tokugawa Shogunate"
Outlaws - Between reality and representations
(Yoshio Yasumaru)

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