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Age-dating data, Yuusu earthenware (Fukuoka City Board of Education),
"Records of Eastern Barbarians" from "History of the Later Han" (Main Museum Building)

How has age-dating of the Yayoi period been proposed up until now? One means of dating ages on an archeological time scale on the basis of relics and remains has been the year of production of mirrors brought from China and written records contained in the "History of the Former Han", "History of the Later Han" and the "History of the Three Kingdoms". Another means is analysis using natural science. For this issue we have made a comparison between written records, one of the cornerstones of age-dating since early on, and data obtained from carbon dating using the AMS method, a new method of age-dating. Featured in the center is a piece of earthenware similar to the type of yuusu earthenware that was the subject of carbon-dating analysis using the AMS method.


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Yoshifumi Ueno
Archaeology Department, National Museum of Japanese History


Opening essay... Part 9

Special Edition:History's First Steps (Age-dating - Yayoi period, where are you going?)
In pursuit of ages
(Yoshifumi Ueno)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Exported lacquer-ware made by copying prints of Western copper plate engravings - Makie lacquer-work plaques and plaquettes
(Kaori Hidaka)

Special Feature:History's First Steps (Age-dating - Yayoi period, where are you going?)

Beginning of the Yayoi period (Hideji Harunari)
AMS C-14 dating and calendar eras at the beginning of Yayoi (Mineo Imamura)
Investigating the Yayoi eras from tree rings (Takumi Mitsutani)


Oriental zodiac and age-dating (Atsushi Nito)
The gentle time of folk customs (Takanori Shintani )

The 45th Museum Colloquy

Toshitaka Hidaka and Masato Miyachi
Environmental research - current state and challenges

Invitation to History

Special exhibition: "Science in the Quest for History" (Tsutomu Saito)

Introducing our Researchers - Part 9

Building a Foundation for Folklore Studies (Mayumi Sekizawa)

Book Introductions by the Author

"Control of Space by Royal Authority in the Ancient Period" edited by Kazuo Hirose and Yasunao Kojita
"Exploring the Castles of Sengoku Japan" - Chikuma Primer Books 152, by Yoshihiro Senda

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