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Rekihaku Gallery 2: Screen of "Scenes in and around the Capital" and "Reconstruction of Kyoto Streets"

These two items are on display in Gallery 2 of the museum. The two are closely connected, since the screen was used as a source for the reconstruction. However, although several screens were used for this purpose, we can only display one screen here at a time. Moreover, the screens are no more than pictorial representations; the houses, for example, are depicted on a far larger scale than the corresponding street blocks, and could not be transferred to the model just as they are. The figurines, which were added later, were taken from the screens and inserted in appropriate locations in the model, but not necessarily in their original positions. Such reconstructed models have an important role to play in exhibiting history, but they constitute just one image of a historical situation, in which elements have been interpreted and reconstituted in particular ways.


Opening Essay

Special Edition History's First Steps - Exhibiting History
What is a Historical Exhibition?
(Michihiro Kojima )

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
The Dawn of Circus - Acrobats travel overseas
(Matsuo Koichi)

Special Edition:History's First Steps - Historical Exhibitions

Reflecting an Image of History - Visits to three of Asia's memorial halls (Kenji Yoshida )
The state of Germany's historical museums (Shin'ichiro Fujio)
Reflections in Australian museums
Aboriginal exhibits and records of war
(Hiroshi Kurushima)
National History Museum "Kokushikan" and its environs - The museum that never was. (Atsushi Kaneko)


An exhibition of renewed community life on housing estates, and a follow-up (Toshiya Aoki)

Museum Research Note- Part 14

Exploring New Possibilities in Exhibiting (Itoko Kitahara)

Introducing our Researchers - Part 7

Researching the history of painting through materials in historical museums (Jun'ichi Okubo)

Book Review

"A discussion of Jomon Society" by Hideji Harunari
Reviewed by Masayuki Komoto

Books Introductions by the Author

"The Role of Firearms in the Warring States Conflict" (Takehisa Udagawa)

From Classroom to Museum

The visitors' view of Rekihaku (Yuri Takeuchi)

Rekihaku Chat (readers' page) May 30, 2003

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