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White satin kosode kimono with plum tree and grass pattern
(main collection)

高知県土佐市居徳遺跡出土 縄文時代晩期(本館蔵)高知県土佐市居徳遺跡出土 縄文時代晩期(本館蔵)

Shojiro Nomura (1879-1943) was an international art merchant. In addition to his business, he also immersed himself in the collection of modern kosode kimonos. It wasn't long before he was completely absorbed in research on the topic and spending most of his business profits on his collection and research activities, which were viewed as somewhat eccentric pursuits. However, his research on the histry of dyeing and weaving has been deemed a great achievement in the study of art history. Most of the Nomura Kosode Kimono Collection is now a part of our museum's main collection. The depicted kosode kimono is one item from that collection. It was painted by Houitsu Sakai, a prominent member of the Edorin Group. Houitsu was a member of the Sakai family of the Himeji clan and a man who spent his life in pursuit of the way of elegance and refinement.


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