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"Culture" does not exist in a fixed state in one specific location. Culture transcends space and spreads as it is accepted in other places. Japanese culture is no exception. It has been transmitted to various locations around the world and has been accepted in various ways in each locale. Today, with the globalization of media and the increased speed of transmission, Japanese culture will continue to spread in greater amounts even farther and faster than before.
Picture 1 shows a ramen noodle shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pictures 2 and 3 show a Japanese restaurant and a ramen shop, respectively, located in Paris, France. Picture 4 shows Japanese anime character goods for sale in Leiden, Holland.






Let's Go to the Museum!

A Memorial Hall Commemorating Individuals, With Individual Tastes and Styles (Jun Inoue)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Earthquake-One Big Shake and The Country Was In Ruins: The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923

Special Edition

A Study of History that Transcends Borders (Japan Overseas)
Japan as Depicted in Exported Lacquerware Export items and the formation of Japan's image (Kaori Hidaka)
Japan as Seen in Exhibitions-A look at exhibitions in museums and art museums in the US (Ryoji Sasahara)
Japanese Manga (comics) and Anime (animation) Spread Overseas (Saya Shiraishi)


It's Wonderful! Japanese Cuisine-Japanese restaurants in Paris (Kenji Nishigai )
Sukiyaki Beef (Shin-ichiro Fujio)

The 39th Rekihaku Colloquy

The Scenery of Sound, the Culture of Sound (Keiko Torigoe and Junko Uchida)

Rekihaku Research Newsletter (no. 8)

Rekihaku Forum
Opening the Doors of Jomon Culture to the World
(Gihei Abe)

Book Review

"The Periphery of Status in Modern Times Series-People who Support the Leaders" edited by Hiroshi Kurushima (Tomohiro Takahisa)

Book Introductions by the Author

"National Museum of Japanese History Research Report, vol 84. Research on the History of Exchange With the North in Ancient Times" (Atsushi Nito, editor)
"Rekihaku Forum-Ancient Japanese and Their Quest for Height; Researching Colossal Buildings"
edited by the National Museum of Japanese History

Exhibition Review

[Special Exhibition] Supernatural Kaleidoscope
The Supernatural World, Ghosts and Apparitions, Fortune Telling-Looking Through the Kaleidoscope
(Noriko Iwaki)

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