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Portrait of the Third Generation Utagawa Toyokuni
Ichimura Uzaemon XIII's Benten Kozo Kikunosuke (from the main collection)

Ichimura Uzaemon XIII's Benten Kozo Kikunosuke
Portrait of Utagawa Toyokuni III - Bunkyu 2 (1862) large color wood-block print

A portrait of Ichimura Uzaemon XIII (later Onoue Kikugoro V) as Benten Kozo in the first performance of "Aotozoshi hana no nishikie" at the Ichimuraza in Edo in the third month of Bunkyu 2. Benten Kozo, disguised in the clothing of a young lady of the warrior class, visited a kimono shop, Hamamatsuya, together with Nango Rikimaru who was disguised as a guardian samurai. Accused of theft by a shop clerk and wounded on the forehead, Benten Kozo then tried to use this as a reason to be paid off with 100 ryo of gold. However, his true identity as a man was uncovered by a black-hooded warrior who was on the scene. (In fact, that warrior was a member of Benten Kozo's clan, Nihonda Uzaemon) The sudden transformation of the character from a elegantly coiffed, delicate young maiden in a long sleeved kimono into the tattooed and defiant Benten Kozo is overflowing with the type of twisted eroticism of the Bakumatsu period. A famous line of dialogue "shiraza itte kikaseyashou" ("If you say you know, then I'll show you") comes from this scene.


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