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Minamoto no Yorimitsu Tsuchigumo Taiji - Hyakkiyagyo Picture Scroll - Hyakkitsurezure-bukuro
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1. Minamoto no Yorimitsu Tsuchigumo Taiji (Minamoto no Yorimitsu Battling a Ground Spider)
Utagawa Kuniyoshi. The left side of a two-picture, large wood-block print. Late Bunsei era (1818-1830). An apparition in the form of a ground spider troubles the ailing Yorimitsu, and is then slashed by Yorimitsu. This is one of Kuniyoshi's first warrior pictures in which he showed a warrior taking up arms.

2. Hyakkiyagyo (Night of 100 Phantoms) Picture Scroll
This is a picture depicting phantoms in the forms of utensils, pots and kettles. The original story is from the Muromachi period tale Tsukumogami-ki and this scroll depicts a scene of specters in a religious festival procession from that tale. This picture scroll is a copy of the Shinjuan edition lineage which is said to be the work of Tosa Mitsunobu.

3. Hyakkitsurezure-bukuro (100 Phantom Grab Bag)
There are a total of 20 illustrations of specters and ghosts in this hand drawn picture album. A book of wood block prints by Toriyama Sekien shares the same title, but this book is the predecessor with a variety of ghosts and specters as subject matter.

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* An Easy-to Understand Look at the Past, Present and Future of Printing (Izumi Munemura)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
The Ooishi Hyoroku Monogatari Picture Scrolls

Special Edition

The Supernatural World II - A Study of History that Transcends Borders Picture Illustrations of the Supernatural World (Naomi Koudate)
Apparitions in the Form of Tools Appearing in Modern Literature (Yasuko Yokoyama)
Obisha - A Challenge to the Annual Fortune Telling Description of the Event (Noriko Hagiwara)


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Supernatural Mountain - The Shirakami Mountain District (Hideo Hanabe)

36th Rekihaku Colloquy

Considering the "Fake" Early Paleolithic Ruins Problem (Hideaki Kimura, Nobukazu Kawai and Hideji Harunari)

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Special exhibition
Supernatural Kaleidoscope - The Supernatural World, Ghosts and Apparitions, Fortune Telling
(Toru Tsunemitsu)

Book Review

Taichiro Shiraishi's "A Study of Burial Mounds and Groups of Burial Mounds" (reviewer Shoji Morishita)
Junko Uchida's "The Prayer Songs of Miyakojima Karimata - Lineage and Origin" (reviewer Tomoaki Hara )

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition - Exhibition Opening the Doors to Jomon Culture - From the Sannai Maruyama Ruins to the Jomon Archipelago - Looking Forward to the Continuation that Sheds Light on the "Jomon Archipelago" (reviewer Yutaka Chiba )

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