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New Family Sugoroku: The Life of a Daughter A Green Enamel and White-spotted Ink Stone Case (from Rekihaku's collection)
The Spectacle of the Imperial Throne (Yasu-cho, Shiga Prefecture)

New Family Sugoroku: The Life of a Daughter

Included as a supplement in the New Year's issue of the magazine "Women's World," 1909. The section following the beginning was divided into "School" (the road to an educational record), "Discipline" (the road to becoming a good wife and wise mother), "Entertainment and Arts" (the road to mastering artistic skills), and "Social Life" (the road to placing importance on social skills), and the finale was "marriage."

This course attracted considerable interest for the view on the modern woman that it revealed. The cover shows scenes from "Receiving Guests," "Etiquette," "Visiting," and "Endurance."

A Green Enamel and White-spotted Ink Stone Case

This is a ceramic ink stone case. The back bears an inscription indicating that it was a ceramic known as Seineiken ware fired in 1833 at the garden kiln of the Tokugawa family residence located in Kii Province [modern Wakayama Prefecture], one of the three residences belonging to the Tokugawa family. Although the ink stone itself is now lost, the case is valuable for its inscription which tells us when and where it was made. It was probably used by a daimyo (feudal lord) or a retainer.


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* Excerpts from the book titled "Izumo no kuni kaikei-cho" (reproduction from the Shousou-in archives, main collection)