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Yan Yan Un Market of Korea and Tori no Ichi Market

Yan Yan Un Market, Yan Yan District, Kangwon Province, Korea (photographed by Takanori Shimamura)
Scenes of the Yan Yan Market in a town on the eastern coast of Korea. This market, called "oirun-yan" (five-day market), is held once every five days. The woman in the middle of the photo is carrying goods on top of her head. This style of carrying goods is used in places such as Korea and Okinawa, but in the past it was also seen in various parts of Japan. Incidentally, the signs written in Hangul in the middle of the photograph mean "Parkland" and "books, videos."

Tori no Ichi Market
A market for Kumade (bamboo rakes) is held in November on the Day of the Bird at the Otori Shrine. It is said that many fires break out in years with three Days of the Bird. The Tori no Ichi market in Asakusa, at the Otori Shrine in Taito-ku, Tokyo, is famous and attracts many visitors. It bustles with people who have come to buy the Kumade good luck charms, which are said to rake in good fortune. Kumade are decorated with items such as Otafuku and Daifukucho masks, folding fans and treasure chests. They are displayed by merchants in shops as invocations for good business.


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