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World Map with Distances Across the Ocean from Japan
and Figures from Foreign Royal Courts

A world map in the style of Matteo Ricci, whose maps greatly influenced geographical knowledge in modern times. The Land of Tall People, the Land of Small People, the Land of Women and the Land of Cyclops are depicted in the periphery of the work. It stirred peoples' imaginations in regard to foreign lands.

Image model of a water demon (kappa)
The appearance of the water demon known as kappa has been imagined in various forms in different eras and regions. There is no uniformity regarding its physical attributes or character. This is an image model based on the kappa image depicted in Takagi Shunzan's Honzon Susetu (Edo Era).

White hemp treasure ship and Chinese phoenix patterned Yuzen thin hemp kimono
In olden times, it was believed that a treasure ship from far across the sea came bearing good fortune. In the photograph, the auspicious Chinese style treasure ship dyed onto the short-sleeved kimono is said to bring an auspicious first dream of the year and treasures from Mt. Horai which is located at the far corners of the ocean.


Let's Go to the Museum!

Experiential learning and "Comprehensive Learning Time" (Shin-ichi Hasada)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
"Color Woodblock Prints of the Tokaido"

Special Edition:A study of history transcending borders Oceans and Rivers

Crossing Rivers in the Ocean (Hiroo Aoyama)
Archaeology of the Japan Current Region (Shizuo Oda)
Kappa (water demons) that Live on the Outskirts (Shigeichi Morikuri)


Beached Whales of the Edo Era (Masatoshi Goto)
Collections of Items that Drifted Ashore Disregarding Borders (Tadashi Ishii)

32nd Rekihaku Colloquy

Cultural Exchange between the Ryukyus and Satsuma (Izumi Haraguchi and Masao Higa)

Invitation to History

Unification Under Heaven and Castles (Yoshihiro Senda)


For Humankind, Conflict is 1, 2, 3 (review) (Takao Uno, Toru (Hoya) Kumazawa, Yoko Kato)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition The Jomon People of the Northern Islands - Cultural Exchange Across the Ocean - Understanding the great life force of the Jomon people from ruins on a small northern island (review) (Masahisa Yamada)

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