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Shogakko Seito Benkyo Kagami

Shogakko Seito Benkyo Kagami (Elementary School Student Ranking)
from Kainokuni Elementary School, Yamanashi Prefecture

In 1872, the Meiji government issued the Education Ordinance and called for the establishment of elementary schools throughout the nation. The Shogakko Seito Benkyo Kagami (Elementary School Student Ranking) was a list of students by order of their grades. Fierce academic competition starting from elementary school is not a recent phenomenon.

Shogakko Seito Benkyo Kagami

Iron sword with engraving of characters "king bequeaths,"
excavated from the Inaridai No. 1 Kofun tumulus
Ichihara city, Chiba Prefecture. An iron sword with a 7 character inscription of silver inlay that begins with the characters "king bequeaths." The sword was bestowed to a powerful clan from royalty in the mid-fifth century. The inscription was discovered by x-ray analysis performed by the National Museum of Japanese History.

Shogakko Seito Benkyo Kagami

Iron sword excavated from the Inariyama Kofun tumulus
Gyoda city, Saitama Prefecture. An iron sword with a 115 character inscription of gold inlay which includes the characters denoting the year 471. The inscription was discovered by x-ray analysis and became a leading topic of debate concerning the establishment of a national government and the origins of writing in ancient Japan.


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