The website (; hereafter referred to as "Rekihaku website") of the National Museum of Japanese History, a member of the National Institutes for the Humanities, an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, (hereafter referred to as "Rekihaku") handles the personal information of users with great care and protects their privacy in accordance with the following policy.

Basic stance

Rekihaku collects information from users of the Rekihaku website to the extent necessary for smooth operation of the Rekihaku website's services (provision of information, acceptance of applications and user feedback, and delivery of news letters, etc.) provided on the Rekihaku website. The information collected is handled in an appropriate manner within the scope of the prescribed purposes.

Scope of information to be collected

Except for the following cases, the Rekihaku website does not collect information that can be used to determine an individual's identity, such as names or dates of birth.

  1. Information pertaining to visits to the Rekihaku website is automatically collected, such as Internet domain names, IP addresses, information used in search queries on the Rekihaku website, and cookies.
  2. Users are requested to submit mandatory and optional information on user inquiry mail forms, such as one's name, email address, age, sex, postal address, country, occupation, and purpose.
  3. Users are requested to supply a website URL (only when you intend to place a link to the Rekihaku website on your site) when inquiring about linking to the Rekihaku website or website copyright issues on a form.
  4. If necessary, a user's name, postal address, and telephone number may be requested when processing inquiries sent to an email address belonging to the domain. In such cases, please be aware that the sender's email address will be visible to the recipient of the message.

Purposes of use

  1. Information collected through proceedings under 1) shall be used as reference to implement delivery of services through the Rekihaku website.
  2. Inquiry Information collected through proceedings under 2) shall be used as reference for future administration. To this end, depending on the content of the inquiry, it may be forwarded to the appropriate department of Rekihaku or the National Institutes for the Humanities. The title, user name, and email address are used in order to reply to or clarify the content of user inquiries.
  3. Information collected through proceedings under 3) may be used to respond to your e-mail, to confirm information on links, and to protect copyrights.
  4. User feedback and similar information collected through proceedings under 4) shall be used as reference for future administration. It may also be used as reference material for creating content for a Q&A corner or similar part of the website.
    A user's name, postal address, and telephone number may be used when replying to inquiries and user feedback.

Restrictions on use and provision of information

Rekihaku shall not, except in cases where a request has been made to disclose collected information in accordance with the law or in cases where there are special reasons, including cases where unlawful acts, such as illegal access, have occurred, use the said information for purposes other than those prescribed under 3., nor provide a third party with the said information. However, Rekihaku may publish statistical data and user feedback regarding Rekihaku website access information and suggestions and user feedback sent to Rekihaku, as well as personal attributes pertaining thereto.

Security measures

Rekihaku shall take the necessary measures to properly administer the information collected, such as prevention of leakage, deletion and alteration of the information.

Scope of Application

This privacy policy shall apply only to the Rekihaku website ( and its subdirectories). Please be aware that when visiting other websites, one's information will be subject to the privacy policies of those respective organizations.

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