Reports on Research Surveys by Year

February 14 - 19, 2015

The 9th Survey of the Siebold Collection at the State Museum of Ethnology in Munich

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History, Hidaka, "Munich Team"

Research Location:State Museum of Ethnology in Munich (Five Continents Museum, Munich, Germany)

Local Contact: Dr. Bruno Richtsfeld (Curator)

Participants: Kaori Hidaka, Kazuto Sawada, Shin'ya Yamada, Miki Sakuraba, Toru Katsuta (all staff of NMJH)

The final aim of this research project, conducted at Munich's Five Continents Museum (Formely the State Museum of Ethnology), is to make the museum's Siebold Collection available to the general public by planning an exhibition and creating a publicly available database of the collection. This research trip was mainly aimed at taking photographs of materials in the Seibold collection that will be put on display, in addition to Seibold's grave site, as well as documenting materials (mainly woven and dyed textiles) whose presence in the collection was confirmed following the previous research trip.

Including this research trip, we have documented nearly seven thousand items from the Museum's Seibold Collection. This number means that nearly the all of the Siebold Collection presently held at the Five Continents Museum has been covered by this research, and that we have by in large, finally achieved the planned objective of this project.

(Text: Sakuraba)

Photographing Franz von Siebold's Grave Site in Munich
Photographing Franz von Siebold's Grave Site in Munich