Reports on Research Surveys by Year

March 4-10, 2014

The 7th Survey of the Siebold Collection at the State Museum of Ethnology in Munich

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Hidaka, "Munich Team" )

Location surveyed: State Museum of Ethnology in Munich (Munich, Germany)

Local survey representative: Dr. Bruno Richtsfeld (curator)

Participants: Kaori Hidaka (NMJH), Kazuto Sawada (NMJH), Miki Sakuraba (NMJH), Toru Katsuta (NMJH), Yuki Hirata (NMJH), Hiroji Harada (Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University)

On this trip the team continued to fully survey and photograph paintings, books, folk tools, weaponry and other items. As of this trip, the team has now completed surveying a total of approximately 6260 items.
The survey is now nearing completion, though one major task remains in order to fully complete the survey, namely, identifying the locations of un-located materials. To do so, the team decided to compare the catalog created by Franz von Siebold's son Alexander against the museum's entire collection to attempt to locate materials belonging to the Sieldbold Collection that have yet to be seen. The team wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Dr. Richtsfeld for his kind efforts to facilitate this important work.

(Text: Sakuraba)

Book survey (Harada, Hidaka and Hirata)

Metal survey (Sawada and Katsuta)