Reports on Research Surveys by Year

July 3-9, 2013

Survey of Maps and Other Materials in the Collections of the Leiden University Libraries and SieboldHuis (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Aoyama, "Leiden Team B (shini-e, maps, fashion)")

Locations surveyed: Leiden University Libraries and SieboldHuis (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Local contact: Mr. Dick Raatgever (SieboldHuis) and Ms. Kuniko Forrer (SieboldHuis); none from Leiden University Libraries

Participants: Hiro'o Aoyama, Masahiro Mikawa

Approximately 50 original artifacts were surveyed from among Siebold-related maps in the Leiden University Libraries collection. A survey was similarly conducted on Siebold-related maps and other materials on loan to SieboldHuis from Leiden University Libraries, as well as from Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde (National Museum of Ethnology) in Leiden. In addition to verifying the (gedai), (naidai), and other textual information, the survey of these original artifacts also paid attention to whether they were printed or handwritten, whether they utilized color, evidence of use/work, whether they included scribbles, etc. The sizes of the maps were also measured.

(Text: Aoyama)