Reports on Research Surveys by Year

April 17-27, 2013

The 5th Wales Survey

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Okubo, "Overseas Locations Survey Team (General Survey)")

Locations surveyed: Chirk Castle, Penrhyn Castle, and National Library of Wales

Local contacts: Karen George, Margret Gray, and Davis (administrative assistant)

Training was started for floor managers and volunteers responsible for explaining exhibits with Japanese materials at Chirk Castle and Penrhyn Castle, which were surveyed last year. Discussion was held regarding their holdings, including Q&A on the history of exchange and the routes by which the artifacts were transported. We worked together with local staff to develop explanatory material and educational programs. At Chirk Castle, a "Special Gallery Tour of Only Japan-related Artifacts" was started for the first time during the visit. Historical records for individual castles in Wales are maintained by the National Library. Thus, we began examining these records in order to verify the period in which the Japan-related materials arrived at Chirk Castle. The direction of future surveys was discussed with Mr. Green, a curator for the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty. Discussions were also held in London regarding the symposium (London, 11/27) to be jointly organized by the Japan Foundation (Tsuyoshi Takahashi, Director, London Office) and NIHU.

(Text: Miki)

Penrhyn Castle
Penrhyn Castle