Reports on Research Surveys by Year

February 4-15, 2013

The 5th Survey of the Siebold Collection at the State Museum of Ethnology in Munich

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Hidaka, "Munich Team")

Location surveyed: State Museum of Ethnology in Munich (Munich, Germany)

Local contact: Dr. Bruno Richtsfeld (curator)

Participants: Hidaka (NMJH), Sawada (NMJH), Katsuta (NMJH), Sakuraba (NMJH), Mikawa (NMJH), Yamada (Tohoku University), Nakato (Gangoji National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)

For the current survey, the team surveyed and photographed folk tools, textiles, lacquer ware, ceramic ware, and maps, thus completing its survey of lacquer ware, ceramic ware, textiles, and maps. Together with previous surveys, a total of about 4200 items (approximately 60%), including lacquer ware, pictures, maps, textiles, Buddhist sculpture, ceramics, straw work, folk tools, ancient coins, books, natural artifacts, and masks, have been completely surveyed (out of a projected total of about 7000 items).

(Text: Sakuraba)

Surveying textiles (Sawada)

Photographing maps (Katsuta and Mikawa)