Reports on Research Surveys by Year

November 21-December 7, 2012

Survey of Holdings at University of Bonn, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and Bamberg City Museum

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Miyasaka, "Alexander and Heinrich Team")

Locations surveyed: Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Bonn; Department of Japanese, Faculty of East Asian Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum; and Bamberg City Museum (Germany)

Participants: Katsunori Miyazaki (Professor, Seinan Gakuin University) and Ayumi Inamasu (MA candidate, Seinan Gakuin University)

University of Bonn
The "Trautz Collection" (working name) was viewed at the University of Bonn Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies (Japanese and Korean Studies). The Siebold-related hanging scrolls, which are rubbings of monuments in Dejima and elsewhere, are thought to be research materials that were created and used when reprinting Siebold's NIPPON. The rubbings are thought to be the work of Trautz himself (they are not professionally done). Additionally, there are old photographs collected from around Nagasaki, including materials collected for a reissue of NIPPON subsequent to the 1930 reprint, as well as the translated text of Kure Shuzo's Shiiboruto den [Biography of Siebold]. When leaving, the team was also informed about the existence of 400 Japanese books that were collected by Trautz. These books could not be surveyed at the time so a subsequent survey is planned because they may contain books that were collected by Siebold.

Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies,
Faculty of Arts, University of Bonn

Trautz Archives

Photograph of Trautz

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Photographing of un-photographed items in the Siebold Collection at Bochum is nearly complete. Of particular interest are 572 and 573, which is an original of Alexander's official appointment as government interpreter. There were also missing items. When requested, the following items could not be found: 164, 105, 115, 145, 324, 573, 589, 605. These items have perhaps gotten mixed in with other materials, or perhaps been lost. A book of reproductions of photographs previously taken at Bochum exists and it may be possible that the items are included in it. The book will be examined during the next survey and photographs of the reproductions taken for any items included in it. Approval has already been received from Prof. Mathias and a DVD of current photographed material provided to him.

Alexander's appointment

Ruhr-Universität Bochum Library

Bamberg City Museum
The Trautz materials are divided between Bonn and Bamberg because a portion of materials collected by Trautz was lent in perpetuity to Bamberg City Museum in 1942. In the year after Dr. Trautz's death in 1951, all materials were donated. In January 1953, his wife requested temporary return of the materials to produce a catalog on Japan-related books (the materials were not returned at this time). In May 1960, his wife again requested that photographs, negatives, positives, and photoreproductions of Kämpfer's writings (British Museum collection) be transferred to Bonn. In July 1961, the materials arrived in Bonn. The Bamberg City Museum has a Japanese collection with vessels of various kinds, including those donated by people other than Trautz. During the current survey, the team was shown hanging scrolls made from rubbings of monuments. The team was also told about landscape paintings of Nagasaki and asked to see them. These were original landscapes done by Langsdorff, who came to Nagasaki with Rezanov. It was not clear how the museum had acquired the paintings, but the team was told they were purchased. It was also learned that library has letters by Trautz and Japanese books that he collected. These could not be surveyed but the catalog of items was copied. These will be re-examined in the future.

(Text: Miyazaki)

Bamberg City Museum

Langsdorff painting

Langsdorff's signature