Reports on Research Surveys by Year

September 16-23, 2012

The 5th Survey of Materials in Leiden

Conducted by National Institute of Japanese Literature (Suzuki, "Leiden Team A (Books)")

Locations surveyed: Leiden University Libraries (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Participants: Jun Suzuki (NIJL), Jie Chen (NIJL), Kenichi Kamisaku (NIJL), Fusako Kaneda (Seisen University, adjunct), Satoshi Makino (NIJL, adjunct), Naoko Kamibayashi (University of Tokyo, graduate student)

A bibliographical survey was conducted of Siebold-related Japanese book artifacts in the Leiden University Libraries. To survey materials at Leiden University Libraries, a list of items to be inspected was sent in advance to the rare books curator P.N. Kuiper to request his assistance with arrangements with the rare books staff. In addition to items that were not surveyed during the previous visit, the list of items to be inspected also included previously requested items that were not made available at the time. In all, the list reflected 172 catalog numbers (270 items).

The actual survey went smoothly. After finishing with its requested items, the team re-requested some items that had not been brought out. Thus, with the exception of some materials on exhibit at SieboldHuis, the team was able to complete its survey.