Reports on Research Surveys by Year

August 18-28, 2012

The 3rd Wales Survey

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Okubo, "Overseas Locations Survey Team (General Survey)")

Locations surveyed: Powis Castle, Chirk Castle, Penrhyn Castle, and Errdig

Local contacts: Karen George, Margret Gray, Clare Turgoose, and Susanne Gronnow

Participants: Yoshihiro Miki

National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty provides public access to the castles under its supervision. Each is visited by about 200,000 people annually. Volunteers in each region become part of the organization and are trained before being assigned to individual castle rooms. The volunteers, which number over 100 people, are supervised by several floor managers who coordinate exhibition commentaries and tours. With the current visit, the team has started communicating with the floor managers and on-site volunteers, in addition to surveying the collections. These discussions allow us to check the information on Japanese materials that is used by the individuals responsible for providing exhibition commentary, and to consider what additional information could be provided to local staff to help them enrich visitors' understanding of Japanese materials. The team also interviewed and answered questions directly from visitors. In addition to Powis Castle and Chirk Castle, the team also surveyed Penryhn Castle and Errdig Hall. Other activities to garner support were also started, including visits to foundations active in the U.K.

(Text: Miki)

Chirk Castle

Errdig Hall