Reports on Research Surveys by Year

March 13-March 21, 2012

The 2nd Wales Survey

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Okubo, "Overseas Locations Survey Team (General Survey)")

Locations surveyed: National Museum of Wales, Powis Castle and Chirk Castle

Local contacts: Karen George, Margret Gray

Participants: Yoshihiro Miki

The team continued its survey of the National Museum, and began surveying Powis Castle and Chirk Castle with curators from the National Trust. The country has railroads but the castles are far from the towns/routes where trains stop, so the team had to travel several hours by car through pastures and mountains. Each castle has a manager, called a steward, who overseas the curators and staff responsible for collections management. As the majority of Japan-related materials are open to the public, photographs were taken before the museum opened and the survey conducted afterwards. Visitors to the museum had many questions for the team as they saw us taking notes on the materials.

(Text: Miki)

Powis Castle