Reports on Research Surveys by Year

June 13-17, 2011

The 2nd Survey of the Siebold Collection at the State Museum of Ethnology in Munich

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Hidaka, "Munich Team")

Location surveyed: State Museum of Ethnology in Munich (Munich, Germany)

Local contact: Dr. Bruno Richtsfeld (curator)

Participants: Kaori Hidaka (NMJH), Fumio Adachi (NMJH), Junichi Okubo (NMJH), Miki Sakuraba (NMJH), Yasushi Harada (Chiba Institute of Technology), Hitoshi Yamada (Tohoku University)

Surveying paintings

Continuing the team's work from last year, works of lacquer ware were surveyed (Kaori Hidaka) and photographed (Toru Katsuta), as were paintings (Junichi Okubo), folk tools pertaining mainly to Ainu (Hitoshi Yamada), ceramic ware (Miki Sakuraba), and sword accessories. The team also clarified the status of collections and catalogs and verified fields for the database (Fumio Adachi and Yasushi Harada). Additionally, the team confirmed the storage conditions of the Siebold Collection in the museum as a whole and compiled a basic register of storage locations by item type.

(Text: Sakuraba)


Photo: Surveying paintings (Junichi Okubo)