Reports on Research Surveys by Year

February 22-March 2, 2011

The 2nd Survey of Materials in Leiden

Conducted by National Institute of Japanese Literature (Suzuki, "Leiden Team A (Books)")

Locations surveyed: Leiden University Libraries and National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Participants: Jun Suzuki (NIJL), Toshiyuki Suzuki (Chuo University), Jie Chen (NIJL), Hidemasa Aoyama (Meisei University), Fusako Kaneda (Seisen University, adjunct), Satoshi Makino (NIJL, adjunct), Naoko Kamibayashi (University of Tokyo, graduate student)

A bibliographical survey was conducted of Siebold-related Japanese book artifacts at the Leiden University Libraries. Toshiyuki Suzuki, however, conducted a survey of acquisition stamps and ledgers of Siebold-related Japanese book artifacts at the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden.

To survey materials at Leiden University Libraries, a request form, the names of the researchers, and the list of items to be examined were sent in advance to the rare books department at the library. The team was assisted in its negotiations by Daan Kok and Kuniko Forrer.

The list of items to be examined was created from H. Kerlen's Catalogue of pre-Meiji Japanese Books and Maps in Public Collections in the Netherlands (J.C. Gieben, 1996). The team identified Catalogue entries dating from before Siebold's return home in 1830 for items housed at the Leiden University Libraries and created a list of 128 entries in order of their call number (SER number). Because variants, etc. are not grouped separately, the total number of items based on the Kerlen Catalogue was 156. In terms of classification, the current list of 128 entries encompassed dictionaries and maps.

With the exception of some items currently on display at SieboldHuis, the team was effectively able to survey all the items.

During the survey, a study group meeting was held on Friday, February 25.

Survey at Leiden University
Survey at Leiden University