Reports on Research Surveys by Year

February 21-24, 2010

The 1st North America Survey (Morse Collection Survey)

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Okubo, "Overseas Locations Survey Team (General Survey)")

Locations surveyed: Peabody Essex Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Local contact: Andrew Renton

Participants: Jun'ichi Kobayashi (Edo Tokyo Museum), Shuko Koyama (Edo Tokyo Museum), Yoshihiro Miki (NMJH)

While team was able to survey the current condition of the Morse Japan collection at the Peabody Essex Museum, it also learned that the museum maintains strict access to the collection. Discussions were held with the museum director about future surveys and future planning. At the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the team surveyed the current condition of the Morse pottery collection and was asked about the possibility of lending it out temporarily for the purpose of restoration. Discussion is needed regarding the Morse pottery collection.

(Text: Kobayashi)