Reports on Conferences and Publications by Year

December 12, 2013

PNC 2013 NIHU Session Organized by National Institutes for the Humanities

Venue: Kyoto University

Organizer: National Institutes for the Humanities

Co-organizer: National Museum of Japanese History (Kurushima, "General Coordinating Team")

Hans Thomsen, Shigekazu Kondo, Junichi Okubo, Fumio Adachi, Kaori Hidaka, Miki Sakuraba

Presenters and Presentation Topics:

During Session 2 ("Research on Japan-related Documents and Artifacts Overseas (Premodern Period)") of the National Institutes for the Humanities-organized PNC 2013 NIHU Session, project members Hansen, Kondo, Hidaka, and Sakuraba presented on project research findings.

Lecture Hans Thomsen (Professor, University of Zurich), "Japan Collections in Switzerland"

Report 3 Miki Sakuraba (Research Fellow, National Museum of Japanese History), "About the Siebold Collection"

Comment Kaori Hidaka (Professor, National Museum of Japanese History)

Report 4 Shigekazu Kondo (Professor, Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo), "About Japan-related Materials at Yale University"

Comment Tomohiro Nishida (Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo)


Conference Abstract and Program Book

The lecture has already been published in Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Conference and Joint Meeting 2013 NIHU Session (Committee of Resource Sharing Project / National Institutes for the Humanities Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, March 2014).