Reports on Conferences and Publications by Year

November 27, 2013

International Seminar at Japan Foundation London Office

Conducted by National Museum of Japanese History (Kurushima, "General Coordinating Team")

Location: Japan Founation London Office

Organizer: National Institutes for the Humanities and Japan Foundation London Office

Participants: 100 attendees

This seminar introducing activities in the UK was attended by nearly 100 people. A broad range of individuals was represented, from university and museum personnel to admirers of Japanese culture.

In attendance were NIHU president Akihiro Kinda, NIHU directors Masatoshi Ono and Shigeo Kurishiro, three additional NIHU officials, and Yoshihiro Miki (National Museum of Japanese History). President Kinda first provided a general introduction to surveys of Japan-related materials overseas. This was followed by Yoshihiro Miki's presentation on the Wales survey in which he introduced methods for sharing artifact data and the educational programs developed jointly with local staff. Rosina Buckland, senior curator for the National Museums Scotland, next introduced Japan collections in Scotland and neighboring areas of northern England.

Finally, there was a discussion panel chaired by David Anderson, president of the UK Museum Association and director general of the National Museum Wales. In addition to the presenters, the panel was joined by Rachel Brocke, deputy curator of the Durham University Oriental Museum. In addition to numerous questions from the audience, the panel also discussed the importance of heightening local awareness of Japan collections by strengthening the data on individual materials and using it more effectively in exhibitions and educational activities. The panel also recognized this as an effective means of preventing the loss of these materials.

The day after the seminar, the team from NIHU joined surveys of Japan materials at the National Museum Wales and at Chirk Castle (managed by the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty).

(Text: Miki)

Panel discussion

From left: David Anderson, Akihiro Kinda, Yoshihiro Miki, Rachel Barclay, Rosina Buckland

Presentation by Yoshihiro Miki


Rediscovering Hidden Treasures ~ Japanese Art Collections in the UK as our Shared Heritage

27 November 2013
The Japan Foundation, London

Ken'ichi Yanagisawa, Regional Director for Europe, Japan Foundation

"The International Collaborative Research into Japan-Related Documents and Artefacts by the National Institute for the Humanities"
Professor Akihiro Kinda, President, National Institute for the Humanities, Japan

"Research Project in Wales as a part of the National Institute's International Collaborative Research" 
Yoshi Miki, Visiting Professor, National Museum of Japanese History

"Japanese Collections in Scotland"
Dr. Rosina Buckland, Senior Curator, National Museum Scotland

Chaired by : David Anderson, President, the UK Museum Association and Director General, National Museum Wales
Rachel Brocke, Deputy Curator, oriental Museum, Durham University
Akihiro Kinda, Yoshi Miki, and Rosina Buckland