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August 6, 2012

International Scientific Meeting: Future Direction of Surveys and Research on Japan-related Collections in Switzerland

Venue:  National Museum of Japanese History, Conference Room 2

Organizer:  National Museum of Japanese History (Kurushima, "General Coordinating Team")


Hiroshi Kurushima, Hans Thomsen, Hiro'o Aoyama, Junichi Okubo, Kaori Hidaka, Kazuto Sawada, Miki Sakuraba


Presenters and Presentation Topics:

Research Presentation 1: Hans Thomsen (Professor, University of Zurich), "On Collections in Switzerland"

Research Presentation 2: Miki Sakuraba (Research Fellow, National Museum of Japanese History), "On the Siebold Collection at the State Museum for Ethnology in Munich"



In his presentation, Hans Thomsen discussed plans for a University of Zurich-organized research project on Japanese art collections in Swizterland, as well as the locations of collections in Switzerland. Because graduate students will participate in the project, Prof. Thomsen also made important points about the Japanese art collections in terms of their pedagogical benefits as well as the issues they raise. Members of the study group also exchanged opinions on the direction of the international symposium on Japanese art collections in Switzerland that is planned for March 2003 as part of the University of Zurich project.

Miki Sakuraba's presentation discussed the status of the ongoing National Museum of Japanese History survey of the Siebold Collection in the State Museum for Ethnology in Munich, reporting on the overall progress of the survey, the know-how needed for the survey, and the distinctive qualities of the ceramic ware in the Siebold Collection.

The methods being used by Rekihaku to survey the Siebold Collection in Munich can be applied to surveys of other overseas collections, including those in Switzerland. The group discussed the future direction of the surveys, including questions of how to further optimize survey methods and which survey methods should serve as best practices.

(Text: Sakuraba)