Reports on Conferences and Publications by Year

December 3, 2011

Joint Conference on KAKEN Results: "In Pursuit of the Illusory 'Siebold Museum of Japan'"

Venue:  Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture Event Hall

Organizer:  Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University Institute of Comparative Cultures and National Museum of Japanese History

Presenters and Presentation Topics:

Session 1

Masahide Miyasaka (Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University), "Summary of Joint Research"

Hiroshi Kurushima (National Museum of Japanese History), "The Appeal of the Siebold Collection"

Hiro'o Aoyama (National Museum of Japanese History), "Siebold and Maps: About Materials in the Brandenstein Family Collection"

Kaori Hidaka (National Museum of Japanese History), "Lacquer Ware in the Siebold Collection"

Yoko Matsui (Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo), "The Journey of a Collector: Visiting Edo and the Logistics of Travel"

Jun'ichi Kobayashi (Edo-Tokyo Museum), "Siebold's Japan Exhibition and the Idea of a Museum for Ethnology"


Session 2

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Masahide Miyasaka

Panelists: Hiroshi Kurushima, Hiro'o Aoyama, Kaori Hidaka, Yoko Matsui, Jun'ichi Kobayashi

ボン大学 トラウツ・アーカイブ
Presentation by Kurushima
ボーフム大学 シーボルト・コレクション
Presentation by Miyasaka
Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion