Despite a relative decline in European and American research on Japanese culture, there remain many Japan-related documents and artifacts for humanities research overseas in European, American, and Asian countries that have not been adequately inventoried nor closely examined to determine their value for research, often because researchers in these countries do not have the expertise or because the materials are held in private collections. This collaborative research project seeks to examine and study such materials through international collaborative research, by sending and receiving researchers with expertise in cultural anthropology, folklore, history, literature, linguistics, art history, Asian studies, and other such fields of humanities research, in order to prevent the damage and loss of materials, to share research findings and artifact data, and to preserve and facilitate use of materials so that domestic and foreign research on Japanese culture will continue to grow. The following are the overseas materials to be surveyed and researched as part of this project.


Research Topic A)

Study of the Siebold Family Collection and Other Materials Collected in Japan and Taken Overseas in the Nineteenth Century