Tamai, Tetsuo
Professor, Doctor of Engineering

B.Eng. University of Tokyo
M.Eng. Graduate School of University of Tokyo
Dr. Eng. Graduate School of University of Tokyo

Research Interests
1) A worldwide historical comparative study of cities and dwellings centered upon East Asia.
2) The transformation process of urban space in the Japanese archipelago from the mediaeval to the early-modern period.
3) A re-assessment of Japanese architectural history based on archaeological excavation and historic pictorial material.

Recent Publications and Lectures (In English)
The Significance of Archaeological Data in the Reconstruction of Late Mediaeval-Early Modern Cities and their Housing
Second Worldwide SEAA Conference, 6-9 July 2000
University of Durham, England

Castle Towns in Japan-Edo/Tokyo as a Case Study
A Symposium Sponsored by the Growth and Structure of Cities Program
BRYNMAWR COLLEGE November 14, 2000

A comparative study of the domestic architecture of East Asia considered from the standpoint of Japanese domestic architectural history
Traditional Architecture in Modern Asia@International Conference on East Asian Architectural History@
Soul National University October 17-19, 2002

Envisioning the Emergence of the Early Merdern Japanese City : The Evidence from Paintings of the 16th and 17th Centuries
Columbia University East Asian Institute Brown Bag Lecture December 3, 2002

The Urban Space of Edo in East Asian Context
Center for East Asian Studies and Department of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania January 21, 2003

The Urban Space of Edo in East Asian Context
Scheuer Room, Kohlberg Hall, Swarthmore college January 21, 2003

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