No.203 2017 July


Special Features
Cross-cultural Contacts in East Asia: Reviewed from a Comparative Perspective

Introduction to the Special Features

Let’s Set Out on a Journey to Look for the Missing Links

(FUKUOKA Mariko)
Special Feature 1
Nineteenth Century East Asia in Comparative Light of Japan, China, and Siam: A New Horizon of the International Relations surrounding the Opening of Japan
(FUKUOKA Mariko)
Special Feature 2
Nagasaki behind Canton/ Canton beyond Nagasaki
(MURAO Susumu)
Special Feature 3
From ‘Opperhoofd’ to ‘Kommissaris voor Japan en Siam’
(YOKOYAMA Yoshinori)
Special Feature 4

Siam, Sir Ernest Satow, and East Asia in the mid-1880s: From a Historical Perspective



The Pass of the Canton Trade (HAO Peng)
The Stone Walls of Macau: Technology Transfer from Japan? (MITANI Hiroshi)

Witness to History
Photographic Introduction to Items from the Collection

The Chinese Quarter (Tōjin Yashiki) of Nagasaki: Foreign Society behind the Wall (ARAKI Kazunori)

Rekihaku Research Updates (Part 63)

A Comparative Study on Cultural Framework of Living, Religions and Rituals Related to Sea between Japan and Korea (MATSUDA Mutsuhiko)

Invitation to History

The Wonders of URUSHI: 12,000-Year History of People and Lacquer in Japan

(HIDAKA Kaori)

Museum Exhibitions Today (Part 55)

Yamagata University Museum: Toward Transmission of Cultural Heritage of Yamagata for the Future Generation

(SATO Koto)

Exhibition Review

Where’s Sanjo-san? : “Explore the Digital World of Historical Materials!” (BUNDO Daisuke)

Featured Exhibition

The Nineteenth Year of the Seasonal Exhibition: Traditional Japanese Morning Glories (Aoki Takahiro)

Updates on Special Exhibition

Rekihaku News