Special Feature

* Markets, Quacks and Peddlers
* How are markets formed? What kind of worlds lie behind these markets?
(Masaru Nishitani)

A Witness to History

A photographic introduction to items from the collection
Collection of ceramic ware exported to Japan
(Masatoshi Ono)

Special Feature:Markets, Quacks and Peddlers

The position of quacks and their activities (Nobuhiro Yagihashi)
Children in markets (Atsu Kanae)
The life of an "itinerant trader" in South Korea - Transcending business categories (Fumishige Hayashi)
The markets of Zhemi Valley (Masaru Nishitani)


Markets in Finland (Kimiyoshi Miyata)
Markets in Mongolia (Toru Shinohara)

The 24th Rekihaku Update:International Rekihaku Seminar

Dialogue with History Exhibition: Promoting Inter-generational Memory - Work for Creating Citizens (Yuka Inoue)

Introducing Our Researchers - Part 23

The folklore phases of reading and writing (Jun-ichi Koike)

Museum displays today - Part 6

The future of museums firmly rooted in contemporary society (Noriyuki Yamamoto)

Exhibition Review

Special Exhibition: The Power of Poetry - Japanese Poetry through the Ages
The first exhibition held in partnership with the National Institute of Japanese Literature using materials on poetry held in the Museum's collection
(Isao Tajima)

Rekihaku Chat (readers' page) March 20, 2006

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