We ask for your cooperation with the following measures to ensure the safety of all museum visitors.Your temperature will be taken before entering the museum.

  • You may be denied entry if you are suspected of having a fever.
  • Starting from March 13, 2023, visitors may decide whether or not to wear a mask while at the museum. In the event of a major outbreak of infection, the museum may ask visitors to wear a mask.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available in several locations throughout the museum. Please cooperate by disinfecting and washing your hands frequently.
  • Use of elevators inside the museum is restricted to high-priority users such as the elderly and persons with physical disabilities. Please limit use to one group at a time and board in small numbers.
  • Please maintain distance from others (social distancing) while viewing museum exhibits.
  • Admission may be restricted during busy times to ease congestion in the museum or in certain exhibition rooms.
  • Please cooperate with any additional instructions displayed throughout the museum.

If you do not cooperate with the above, you may be asked to leave.

Preventive measures against coronavirus infection (COVID-19) taken by the Museum

We are applying the following measures against COVID-19 so that everyone can enjoy visiting the Museum without any worries.

  • To prevent any transmission of infection between visitors and Museum staff, the staff members will wear masks when attending visitors.
  • To prevent infection via droplets, transparent partitions are installed at the information desk, ticket counters, and other admission counters.
  • Museum staff members undergo health checks, including temperature measurements, when they arrive at the Museum for work.
  • Staff members frequently wash and disinfect their hands while working at the Museum.
  • Air conditioning equipment is properly managed to secure appropriate ventilation inside the Museum.
  • Alcohol-based disinfectants for hand hygiene are stationed in various places in the Museum.
  • Cleaning and disinfection are conducted regularly on items that are touched by many people, such as the handrails in the Museum’s corridors.
  • To prevent crowding, there are fewer chairs and tables installed in the entrance hall, rest areas, restaurants, etc.
  • The movement and distribution of visitors is constantly monitored to prevent overcrowding in exhibition rooms or congestion in other areas of the Museum. At times, the number of visitors allowed to enter may be limited to prevent crowding.

Closure and Cancellation

To prevent the spread of novel Coronavirus(COVIT-19), the Museum will close the following facilities anad cancel the programs and services.

Facilities and Exhibits

Hands-on Exhibits


Galley Talks


Audio Guide and Educational Kits for School