Outline of Exhibition

2006 Special Exhibit - Japanese Architecture -
Period Jan 10 (Wed) - Feb 12 (Mon), 2007
Venue Special Exhibition Galleries 3, National Museum of Japanese History

Adults ¥420 (¥350)
Senior high school & college students: ¥250 (¥200)
Elementary & junior high school students: ¥110 (¥90)
* Fees in parentheses apply to groups of 20 or more
* Admission to permanent collection included

Hours 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(no entrance after 4:00 p.m.)

Jan 15 (Mon), 22 (Mon), and 29 (Mon), Feb 5 (Mon)

Sponsor National Museum of Japanese History

Model of the Togu-do Hall at Jisho-ji Temple

Rekihaku has in its collection models of buildings that are important in the history of Japanese architecture. These 1/10-scale models are faithful reproductions of actual buildings and make it possible to see their overall shape, details and structure which are not so clear when viewing the buildings themselves. Models also make it possible to compare one building with another, which is otherwise impossible.

We have gradually put these models on display since Rekihaku opened. This current display consists of the Togu-do Hall of Jisho-ji Temple, and the residences belonging to the Imanishi family and the former Kitamura family. The purpose of this exhibition is to show examples of "tokonoma" (display alcove), "chigai-dana" (alcove shelves) and "shoin" (study alcove), which are distinctive features of traditional Japanese houses, as well as illustrate how they came into being. Models alone are inadequate, so we hope that you will use your imagination while making use of the related historical pictures we have prepared as well.

Model of the Imanishi family residence   "Kundaikansochoki" Muromachi period (Museum collection)
Model of the Imanishi family residence
"Kundaikansochoki" Muromachi period (Museum collection)

Note: Please note that items in the exhibition are subject to change.