Outline of Exhibition

Exhibition of New Items in the Collection
Organizer: National Museum of Japanese History
Dates: Wednesday, Jan. 16 - Sunday, Feb. 17, 2002
Location: Special Exhibition Room
Admission: Free (included with regular admission)


1. Purpose of the exhibition

The purpose of this exhibition is to make a positive appeal regarding the materials acquisition activities of the National Museum of Japanese History by holding a broad, general exhibition of new items that have been added to the collection in recent years and of items from the collection that have not had much opportunity to be exhibited.

In particular, in this exhibition we aim to add innovation and depth to the composition of the exhibition by including a small exhibition of items related to scheduled special exhibitions.

2. Main items scheduled for exhibition

  1. Chuyuki diaries (The diaries of Fujiwara no Munetada) arranged by topic
    Chuyuki diaries topic #19
  2. Collection of postcards
  3. Items relating to the Modern Suikoden (Water Margin) and Kunisada Chuji
    Tsuzoku Chugi Suikoden, Woodblock print Kunisada Chuji
  4. Items related to pre-modern maps of Japan and the world
    Map of Nansenbushu (Jambu-dviipa), Kaisei Chikyu Bankoku Zenzu(Revised World Map), Shumisen Gizu
  5. Items related to guns and marksmanship
    Volumes of marksmanship teachings and other items
  6. Items related to morning glories
    Almanac of mutant morning glories, pressed dried morning glories
  7. Materials related to modern and recent gardening
    Omoto meikan (Guide to Rhodea japonica), Tosei rokkasen (Six Selected Famous Actors with Flowers of Modern Times)
  8. Books related to modern medicine
    Byoka suchi, Imon horitsu (Medical Law)
  9. Chinese ceramic collection
    Celadon glazed large vase with peony design, Long-quan Ware
  10. Nomura collection
    Kosode with Mt. Fuji and Pine Grove, Paste-resist dyeing and embroidery on white silk crepe