Q1: Authentication of art or historical items

Can you assist me in authenticating the identity of this item (photos attached) and to see if your museum would be interested in having it…?


A1: We don’t respond to inquiries that have no relevance to our collection.

Q2: Image Usage Requests

I would like to ask you for permission to use images that we have identified as being a copyright from your collection. How can I make an application?


A2: Please contact us with the form below.

Q3: Collection Research at Rekihaku [NMJH]

I would like to know if it is possible to research archives at your institution. I am researching on ---. Is it possible to view --- and take photos in order to quote in my book?


A3: Please contact us with the form below.

Q4: Research, internship, or volunteer opportunities

How could I have a chance to make use of your collections for my research? Is it also possible to work as a volunteer or an intern at Rekihaku [NMJH]?


A4-1: We have the invitation program for researchers abroad in the categories of visiting scholars or fellows. Call for the application annually starts in September. Please refer to the link below:

A4-2: Our museum does not call internships and/or volunteers with fixed terms for degrees or university graduates.

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