Graduate University Faculty

AOKI Takahiro (Assoc.Prof.)
Sake brewing industry, Formative process of moral precepts

AOYAMA Hiro'o (Prof.)
Historical geography of landscape in medieval Japan,History of cartography and geographical knowledge

FUJIO Shin'ichiro(Prof.)
Transition to agriculture in prehistory; History of iron production; Construction of the Yayoi and Kofun period by radiocarbon dating

FUKUOKA Mariko (Assoc.Prof.)
Diplomacy and cross-cultural intercourse in the 19th Century  East Asia,History of German-Dutch-Japanese Relations

HARAYAMA Kosuke (Assoc.Prof.)
Formation and transformation of Japanese consumer society; Social movements of Japanese Americans

(Deputy Director-General,Prof.)

Study on formation process of imperial palaces and capitals in ancient Japan, Comparative study on imperial palaces and capitals in East Asia, Archaeological study on ancient local communifies

HIDAKA Kaori (Prof.)
History of Japanese lacquerwork

HIGUCHI Takehiro(Prof.)
Former Bakufu retainers

KAWAMURA Kiyoshi (Assoc.Prof.)
Research on contemporary festival and folk preformances, Represented folk culture in media and folklorism

KOIKE Jun'ichi(Prof.)
Folk belief, A History of Folklore, Writing Culture on Foutain Pens

KOJIMA Michihiro (Prof.)
Towns and society in medieval Japan; Museum education

KOSETO-HORYU Emi (Assoc.Prof.)
Chemical analysis of cultural properties, Studies in the relationship between environments and deterioration of cultural objects


Historical characteristics of regional communities in the late Edo period; Ceremonies, observances and festivals in early modern Japanese society; Representations and exhibitions at history museums; Museum educational programs and their assessment

MATSUO Kouichi (Prof.)
Folk religion/belief and ritual/performing arts; Research on craftmen's ritual and magic; Comparative folklore in East Asia

MURAKI Jiro (Assoc.Prof.)
Archaeological studies in the middle ages

(Deputy Director-General, Prof.)

Historical change of Subsistence, Shifting cultivation, Rice field, Market

NITO Atsushi (Prof.)
Establishment process of Japanese ancient capital cities, Theoretical study of ancient sovereignty, Ancient local societies

OGURA Shigeji (Assoc.Prof.)
History of Shinto shrine system in ancient Japan, Historical studies of the Imperial Court libraries in premodern Japan

OKUBO Junichi (Prof.)
Study of Ukiyo-e, Study of landscape in later Edo period

SAITO Tsutomu (Prof.)
Chemical studies of materials, manufacturing-technique and provenance on cultural properties

(Head of the Department of Japnese History,Prof.)

Dating and provenance research on historical and archaeological materials by isotope analysis

SAWADA Kazuto (Assoc.Prof.)
Relationship between material, technique and idea of clothes, Vestment of Buddhist priest mainly in Muromachi period

SEKIZAWA Mayumi(Prof.)
Folklore perspectives on society and rituals

SHIBASAKI Shigemitsu (Assoc.Prof.)
Protected area management,and Interrelationship between protected areas and local communities

SUZUKI Takuzi (Prof.)
Study of museum information systems to support research activities, exhibition, and public relations: Especially interested in information processing of color and image

TAKATA Kanta (Assoc.Prof.)
Archaeological research on ancient Japan-Korea relationship

TANAKA Hiroki (Assoc.Prof.)
History of Warrior Bands and Warrior Lords in medieval Japan

UCHIDA Junko (Assoc.Prof.)
Research on ethnographic audio-visual

UENO Yoshifumi (Assoc.Prof.)
Archaeological study of ancient East Asia

YAMADA Shinya (Assoc.Prof.)
Funeral ritual and cultural concept of death, Modern society and folk culture, Death and life studies

YAMADA Yasuhiro (Prof.)
Study of Mortuary Practices and Social Structure in Prehistoric Japan

YOKOYAMA  Yuriko (Prof.)
Japanese urban society and gender from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period

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